Our products make your online sales extremely smooth and free your time to focus on your core business and the strategic orientation of your eBusiness. Maximize your profits by intelligent price tweaking and clever listing of your products, analyze your rivals with innovative techniques, keep your margins high and stay on top of the heap.

The fastest track to greater success in eCommerce!

i-Tool is an eCommerce software package that facilitates management of extensive product lines in multiple markets, as well as hassle-free access to online stores and services.

Simplify the handling of your online transactions, and expand your presence to new online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon:easy, flexible, and reliable.

Automate your sales processes, starting with inventory control, customer management and order handling, all the way to sales analysis… saving you time and money.

i-Tool provides you with:

  • Online shop & marketplace access
  • System integration
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Customer management/CRM
  • Integration of merchandise management systems and ERP systems
  • Multi account management

Boost your sales with professional eBay templates!

Most underperforming eBay shops suffer from the same problem: your products are not presented the right way. As most buyers don’t trust bad looking shops, they prefer to move on to another merchant and you loose sales.

Get professionally designed eBay based on your individual needs and watch your profits soar. Turn visitors into satisfied customers and eager buyers who keep coming back.

Our templates:

  • Mirror The Look & Feel Of Your Corporate Identity
  • Are Suitable For Multiple Devices (Responsive Design)
  • Are Compatible With The eBay Shopping App




eBay optimization made easy!

eBay sales channel offers greatest sales potential if you list your products properly. This is where our expertise comes in.

We have put our years of real eBay marketplace experience into Listing Enhancer, a tool that takes care of your product placement following the best practices.

Listing Enhancer will improve your eBay search ranking by using optimized keyword names and editorially revised product descriptions. The result is an individually prepared text with subheadings and a listing of product features that actually describes, informs, and gives advice, offering your customers added value.

Listing Enhancer can be adapted internationally. Titles, attributes, and descriptions are translated, and your offerings are placed in the very best foreign language categories.

Global sales can actually be enjoyable!

Listing Enhancer will help you:

  • Optimize your eBay titles
  • Select the most suitable categories for highest sales
  • Selecting relevant attributes based on EAN
  • Improve your description
  • Cross Border Trade Support

Market movements set your price

Along with good customer service, speedy shipping, and the best presentation of your products, price is the most important sales tool. The art of setting a price lies between being competitive and making a profit. With Pricewatch, our repricing tool, you will come up with the best prices for your products according to predefined guidelines and identified important competitors.

Price Watch provides you with daily overview of your product positioning in search engines and on online marketplaces, it provides relevant information on how you can improve your profits and profit margins and gives you an easy overview on where your competitors stand and how the market is changing.

Price Watch eliminates manual research and automates adjustments of your product prices according to established guidelines. You can define what the price difference of your items should be in comparison to your competitors and how much leeway you have to offer better prices.

  • EAN-based monitoring of key products on marketplaces and price comparison sites
  • Identification of important competitors in the market
  • Long-term analysis of price trends based on products and suppliers
  • International adaptation (USA/Europe/Australia)

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