Adequate online marketing mix will boost your website traffic, strengthen your brand, increase your reach and revenues and optimize your return on investment in marketing. Make sure to consider each online marketing element in your marketing mix to reach desired business objectives.

Finding the right online marketing mix!

Let us teach you how to boost traffic, engage customers and increase conversions. You’ll be able to optimize revenues, as well as improve your customer retention and brand position in the marketplace.

Search Marketing

Increase your brand strength, let your potential leads find you and drive qualified traffic to your website by implementing Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine advertising (SEA) i.e. paid search

  • Site Audits
  • Web content optimization
  • Contextual search advertising
  • Website Efficacy and competitor analysis
  • Campaigns management
  • Monitoring, optimization and transparent reporting

Display Marketing

Right Ads for Right People in Right Place – ideal combination of reach and targeting to power your brand, nurture it and drive revenues with full funnel approach for maximized results

  • Autogenerated or predesigned displayed adds
  • Relationship-based display per previous interactions, user profile and lifecycle
  • Campaigns optimization and A/B testing
  • Measured results for increased ROI
  • Real-time products presentation
  • Category personalization

Email Marketing

Targeted, relevant and timely communication to your leads and customers to increase conversions and loyalty. Matching your message to your customers desires

  • Expand your email subscribers database
  • Deliver right content to the right person in right moment
  • Automate the communication throughout subscribers lifecycle
  • Analyze the results and deliver relationship-based content

Content Marketing

Design, define and provide engaging customer experiences wherever the customers are within the conversion funnel.

  • Develop and optimize landing pages
  • Identify and implement the customer transition points
  • Engage customers with targeted and relevant message
  • Remove distractions in your online communication
  • Continuously analyze, test, monitor and optimize
  • Leverage overall media mix

Social Media Marketing

Build your customer confidence and engagement through direct and professional interaction with your public. Build up SEO and content marketing efforts together with Social media marketing and CRM for the best results.

  • Social media presence management/li>
  • Social media campaigns design, management and optimization
  • CRM management through various channels for increased loyalty and sales

Let us help you make right decision and most out of your website.

We provide consulting services regardless of whether we built your website or not, based on latest market trends, your industry standards and competition analysis.

Our team with diverse marketing experience can create for you and advise you on:

  • How to improve usability and user experience on your website
  • How to define and create effective digital marketing strategy

Website UX assessment

Usability represents an easy for use designed website which have as result a positive user experience and everyone strive towards this goal. But if the website is difficult to use and users cannot find what they are looking for they will probably leave and click on your competitor’s site and you don’t want this to happen.

If you get in touch with us regarding this problem we will:

  • Conduct thorough analysis of your website in which we deeply analyze certain categories of the website
  • Deliver document with client’s analysis report (excel table data and radar diagram)
  • Conduct thorough website analysis of the client’s competitor website
  • Deliver document with client’s competitor analysis report (excel table data and radar diagram)
  • Deliver executive summary document with suggested improvements that needs to be done

Digital marketing strategy

For creating a successful marketing strategy we are helping you to identify company’s goals which are essential for the company’s planning process and growth.

After the goals are fortified we are:

  • Defining which channels are suitable for achieving this goals
  • Setting metrics for measuring channel performance
  • Identifying platforms for your digital appearance

If you don’t know where to start or don’t have time to do those things, no worries, we are here to help you and find most suitable solution for you, so feel free to contact us.

Questions? Contact us.

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