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eFurniture is a Berlin-based furniture producer that provides high-quality custom-made furniture products. What started as Holzconnection, a small family shop in Berlin, grew into a company that owns multiple brands present in several countries, each with its own philosophy and strategy.

Audena, as opposed to their original brand Holzconnection, is a strictly online brand that comes from a nature-focused point of view. Their strategy is based on simple, yet stylish, designs made of solid wood that is both efficient and eco-friendly.


For a web-based brand such as Audena, building the trust in buying custom furniture online is crucial, which relies on a smooth user experience and an engaging presentation of the content.

Additionally, both Audena and Holzconnection (and lately Choyc), even though different in their vision, are powered by the same people and by the same infrastructure, both offline and online. It only made sense to use the same, Magento-based, backend infrastructure and give it a new face, tailor-made for the new brand.


Even though Audena actually came our way as the first project with this client, due to shifts in business plans, Holzconnection went live before it and hence the Magento platform we developed was tailor-made for Holzconnection. However, seeing as Audena and Holzconnection are two very similar webshops, it didn’t make sense to start everything from scratch so we decided to reuse the existing code as much as we could and introduce necessary adjustments.

Dein Tisch von Audena  Maß und Holzart bestimmst du
Astrona aus Massivholz – Himmelbett


Even though we started the project with only one brand in mind, and created a second codebase to adapt for the second brand, over the course of the project we introduced numerous improvements on both sites. Ultimately, we decided to merge them into one Magento platform so that all stores could benefit from them. After this was done, we had a powerful platform that was able to serve multiple different furniture stores, all the while keeping the backend consistent for the administrators and content managers who could apply already familiar processes throughout the entire business.

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