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eFurniture is a Berlin-based furniture producer that provides high-quality custom-made furniture products. What started as Holzconnection, a small family shop in Berlin, grew into a company that owns multiple brands present in several countries, each with its own philosophy and strategy.

Recently they have introduced their third brand, Choyc (CHOse Your Color), that takes a step back from solid wood as their primary material, and offers more color choices and designs that fit with a more modern aesthetic. Choyc intends to bring some serious fun into furniture shopping.


Choyc, the latest brand under the E-furniture umbrella, which has both an online and a physical store in Berlin, targets a young audience with a modern and sleek aesthetic. The designs provided by the design agency reflected those qualities but the functionality (mostly) matched the Magento-based platform that was already built for Holzconnection and Audena. Based on our previous collaboration, this project was supposed to be pretty straightforward.


With Choyc we were already experienced with this partner and their workflow, as well as the Magento platform we developed and all its kinks. So this time around it was expected of us to be efficient and get the new webshop up and running quickly. In addition to starting a new shop, the client introduced several changes in the configurator to accommodate the new custom product types: the user should be able to choose from several different colors and shades, instead of wood types, so a new material selector was necessary.

Choose your color – Regal Josh von Choyc


Merging all of the code into one single codebase ultimately proved to be a good idea: we managed to prepare the new Magento store from start to finish in under 5 weeks. Writing the new frontend code also provided an excellent opportunity for optimization and improvements in flexibility that weren’t required by the client but will help immensely in the future, both with adding new functionality and content management.

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