The ICDD Group (Institute for Content Development & Distribution) is a global education services distributor to authorized learning partners for Cisco and other vendors.

ICDD offers distribution of Cisco courseware, specialist support, training lab rental, course development, consulting services and training/conference room rental services in more than 100 countries with plans to expand to additional markets.
Their online strategy is focused on creating flexible and scalable eCommerce solution that will be able to support emerging markets and new product, and with that strategy the client will adopt new markets quickly and provide better service.

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Considering the increase in demand for digital goods, e-learning options and their overall business goals, ICDD decided to enter 2015 with putting higher focus on selling online. Their plan asked for two things, new design and an eCommerce solution scalable enough to support their long-term plans on global scale.

Technical requirements:
• Magento-based eCommerce solution for selling Cisco courseware portfolio and other configurable products
• An import module to enable the client to synchronize product inventory and upload new products via csv
• Clients ability to make certain product options visible to his individual customer groups
• Customized layered navigation
• eFulfillment service integration
• Multiple store support

ICDD online shop


Considering the global operations of ICDD Group, throughout this project, the main challenge was in understanding the complexity of client’s organization and processes to build the eCommerce processes around it and follow clear ICDD guidelines. In addition to that, as the time went by, new ideas came to the table in terms of product portfolio which resulted in the introduction of new product types and digital goods to the portfolio that required quite specific ordering processes. The main challenge was to create pre-ordering system that fully satisfies the client’s needs and this process included creation of custom product type and order workflow.


We worked together with the client to outline the webshop product documentation and prototypes. The resulting solution is a Magento-based eCommerce platform with custom modules that follows ICDD business processes.

Key features include:
• Customer pre-registration and approval process
• Advanced and customizable product options and visibility
• Customized layered navigation according to ICDD needs
• Implementation of product pre-order process, which allows creation of custom products
• Automatic product price generation
• Custom transactional e-mails
• Newsletter subscriptions capability
• SEO optimization

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