THE CLIENT is a Munich-based start-up founded by a group of experienced internet entrepreneurs, sports managers and entertainment experts. Their mission is to take fans behind the scenes of the football world and let them become managers for a day.
They have gathered together around the idea to bring the micro-investments through a crowd-investing platform to football world and provide an opportunity to football funs to support future careers of football talents.

They envision to be not only a footbal crowd-investment platform but primarily innovative engaging sports entertainment platform and a community of fans and enthusiasts which provides a place to gather, debate and exchange information on football heroes, big and small. the team


The core team approached us with their business idea shortly after drafting it into business plans and defining desired deadlines and milestones. Keeping in mind the deadlines, their initial idea was to go with the white-label solution to speed up the launch. After our initial discussion about the longterm business plans, we’ve together decided that the level of customization required asks for a custom developed solution.
Together, starting from scratch, we set out to conceptualize, clarify and evolve our ideas, outlining the needs of MVP and aligning our milestones. invest in football stars application form


One of our biggest concerns for successful and timely delivery on this project was alignment of all the parties (design agency which was still to be selected, Kickrs team and our team) and responsiveness of all parties. It was mandatory to keep this at the highest level to maximize the resource utilization and avoid idling in order to deliver the project on time.

What is beautiful with projects as Kickrs is that when you are involved in something from the beginning you can contribute with your ideas not only to the platform but to the overall business strategy. For us, the second challenge was to balance between the creativity and delivery i.e. deadlines. Faced with really tight deadlines to launch the MVP you sometimes must compromise your contribution to the ideas and overall strategy with the focus on minimal requirements to get the platform live.


On Symfony framework we developed a tailor-made crowd-investment platform with customized investment, campaigns and payouts processes. The platform is developed keeping in mind longterm business goals, required scalability and flexibility.
Final solution includes multilingual crowd-investment, content-driven platform with intensive social moment and focus on the growth of community:

• Custom made multilingual crowd-investment platform
• Engaging user-experince primarily focused on community i.e. social, rather than investment moment
• Multiplayer and single player campaign support
• News and articles management with simple blog-like interface
• Customized investment and payout workflows, campaign structure and a simple backend interface

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