MYD3SIGN is Italian-based start-up founded in 2015. by a group of furniture producers, talented artists and interior designers with a long experience in custom interior and furniture design.

Centered around the idea to launch the webshop for selling standardized furniture products through a simple and user-friendly product configurator feature, the goal of MYD3SIGN was to launch innovative service integrated with eCommerce and to grow revenues by providing strong emotional experience to each visitor through a great user experience and emphasis on product and services presentation.



MYD3SIGN team approached us with their business idea shortly after drafting it into business plan and defining desired deadlines and milestones.

After our initial discussion about the long term business plans, we have together decided that the level of customization required asks for a custom developed solution on top of Magento platform in order to accomplish their vision – become an online symbol for simplicity of custom interior design to individual needs!

Together, starting from scratch, after hours and hours of talks, research and collaboration between the teams, we outlined the design and technical requirements of the MVP. In the meantime, our design team prepared their visual identity (logo, fonts, colors, etc.). The project execution plans helped to categorize roles, responsibilities, communication protocols and approval flowcharts. It was the dedication of both teams and straightforward communication which made the project such a success and led to win-win result.


MYD3SIGN vision was to create products and services that enable users the qualities of custom sector in furniture industry. It was about creating a way for users to experience customized products by creating their own furniture products following their aesthetical, technical and economic requirements.

Minding the fact that MYD3SIGN was a new concept and brand, with no previous online presence, it was really important to put the emphasis on the purity of webshop design and to create a new and powerful brand identity.To ensure consistency in a visual language, we created a two-color scheme (yellow and grey). The grey was there to give the brand sophistication and allow product visibility. The yellow, on the other hand, allowed products to shine and invite users to act.

Through our creative process, we produced several visual artifacts (mockups, images, code) and all sorts of other materials needed to match their expectations by following latest market trends. After many iterations between the teams, we have worked collaboratively until we could finally take a look back on final project proposal and be confident that the design will have a real impact on custom furniture market!

The most important requirements and challenges that were put on our table were:

  • Prepare MYD3SIGN visual identity that communicates proper values
  • Design eCommerce webshop following clean-design trends
  • CSV import module for upload of product part variations and corresponding prices
  • Conceptualize and develop highly-efficient product configurator accompanied with simple interface to enable intuitive UX when selecting different attributes of each product part variation
  • Create inspirational image gallery that changes dynamically per every configured variation and enables users to visualize products in space and make satisfying purchase decision
  • Ensure that such complex and layered webshop elements enable simple UX on all devices in several languages


Playing with our result, we dare to say that most of the goals were accomplished. We are really proud of Magento-based eCommerce solution.

Its design is modern and the colors used in design communicate that you are dealing with young, but rather sophisticated brand. The dash of yellow lends a sense of happiness and cheerfulness which brings attention to the most important parts of the website. It also adds a bit of extra energy to the brand and design.

Most importantly, simple and user-friendly product configurator with real-time visualization of configured products in everyday environment (through inspirational gallery) contributes to emotional experience of furniture purchase in a way that we, so far, have not experienced online. Try it now and check for yourself why we are so proud of the result of this cooperation!

Key features include:

  • Product configurator with real time updated pictures and price estimate of the chosen material and finishing
  • Simple and intuitive administration with a custom CSV module for product variations import
  • Custom transactional e-mails
  • Wishlist for adding unlimited number of products and variations
  • Configured product share functionality on multiple social networks

Additional innovative updates of the platform will follow soon, but what we look even more are new concepts and ideas which our partner has not only for furniture, but other industries. Stay tuned!

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