Voxterr Ltd is an UK-based startup focused on new media and distribution channels.
The idea of Voxterr was conceived by Dean Despotovic, its founder and CEO, already 6-7 years ago, but was awaiting its “momentum” to shine on the market, which we all believe will be 2015.

The original Voxterr idea was trial run on basic version of the platform (which you can see on the right) with smaller number of users over couple of years. This period provided great insights about market potential, expectations and future platform development directions, so the original idea broadened.

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When the client approached us a year ago with his idea of a “space shuttle”, as we saw it back then and, honestly, still do (but now its also our space shuttle), it’s little to say that we were careful. An ALL-IN-ONE regional platform with user generated content i.e. social media, events portal, marketplace, news portal and who knows what else we’ll see in future. Who wouldn’t be careful, right?

After hours and hours of talks between the teams and, in this project highly involved CEOs of both companies, our creative team came with the draft vision of a new Voxterr platform. This was when, we can firmly say, the true cooperation started! The client liked what he saw, we liked the contribution that we made to the direction of Voxterr overall idea. The trust between teams grew, same as the personal ownership of our team over clients idea did. This lead us to, now, a year of intensive and successful cooperation and a Beta version of the platform that is to be launched by the end of January.


Honestly, this was one of the simplest initial project briefs that we’ve received so far. More or less, this was the input received: “We want to build a social platform with regional content focus where people will sell their items, earn money, communicate, share regional content, collaborate. It’s kind of a Facebook, eBay, … , actually – all together”.


Well, we can only say that simple briefs never bring simple solutions. After 12 months of intensive work on the platform, starting with months of product definition and specifications, followed by design, and development and QA, we are happy to see the launch of Beta Platform (MVP version) in couple of days.

We hope that the result will surprise and enchant you and you’ll join Voxterr from its first days. You are invited to use, rate and provide feedback on the Beta version, once launched, and help Voxterr develop further. In the meantime, while you explore it, we’ll continue our work on adding additional functionalities to the Beta platform version for the full set platform to get to you asap.

So visit now to gain additional insights and subscribe to be notified when the Beta platform goes live.

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